The Basics

  • Set fitness goals for the whole family. Even 3 hours of activity a week can be beneficial.
  • Schedule your activities along with a checklist to introduce family accountability.
  • Brainstorm different physical activities as a family; your kids are likely to come up with some fun ideas.
  • Take turns deciding the physical activity to keep everything fair.
  • Explore and befriend your local gyms, parks, and community centers.
  • Decrease the amount of time your kids spend on digital devices with these tips so you can replace the time with fitness.
  • The whole nation is looking for ways to increase physical activity for our kids, Healthier Generation provides fitness resources state by state.




Playground Transformed

  • If your kids start to lose interest in playgrounds use this workout to give them a healthy goal.
  • Challenge your kids to a combination of jumps and climbs and run around the play structures, then have them do it in reverse. Watch this video for some inspiration.
  • Improve their balance by drawing chalk lines on the ground and pretend it is a tightrope.
  • Play capture the flag or tag so that everyone has to quickly maneuver through the play structures.



Prepare For Summer

  • Summer can be a challenging time to keep kids involved in something meaningful for them; this article summarizes your options nicely.
  • Whether your vacation involves planes, trains, or automobiles, this article has some great tips to incorporate fitness into your trip.
  • Every year we have to figure out how to keep our kids safe during the summer; this article has some evergreen suggestions and resources.