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You cannot turn on a tv or flip through social media today without coming across some form of advertisement endorsing exercise. From gym memberships to online virtual training partners, we are constantly reminded that we need to be exercising to be healthy. All be it, there is an underlying hint of truth to this reminder. 


Unfortunately for most, what people do not realize is just how complex exercise can be. We see videos of people going through exercises while sweating and grinding it out, so we assume this is what we need to be doing to “be healthy.” This approach to exercise is just not accurate and is most likely taking you further away from being healthy. 


5 Steps you can take to ensure you are MOVING in the right direction with your health! 


  1. Avoid Pain – Pain is an indicator that something is wrong. Embrace the pain and seek out a professional that can help you better understand what is causing it.
  2. Muscle Tightness is secondary to weakness! Because something is tight does not mean that the tight muscle is a problem. That muscle is doing what it can to protect your joints best. Embrace the tightness and speak with a professional about increasing your strength to better support your joints and increase your flexibility.
  3. Not everyone’s body can move the same! Take a look at the movements of children. Do you see any difference in how you move compared to them? As we age, our body naturally becomes more limited in its mobility. Some of this limit is a result of our bones and connective tissue aging into more permeate and rigid structures. These limits happen differently for each of us and are to be respected as we age. As we get older, the joint structure will dictate our flexibility, not how “stretchy” we are.
  4. Choose an activity that is fun for you! Exercise needs to be something that you enjoy and not something you have to do because you have been told to do it. There are so many different activities out there that can help you continue being healthy. Choose one that really excites you!
  5. You only have ONE body! Love it, respect it, be careful with it. I often tell my clients here in Tampa, FL, to treat their body like it’s a car they want to drive for the rest of their life. If you would like more information about muscle activation techniques check out one of our other blogs on the topic by clicking the icon below.


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